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Savings bank for DeFi

Stablecoin holders can swap into SWEEP to get interest, liquidity, transparency, and long-term adaptability.
Stablecoin borrowers get funding for the safe tranche of exclusive strategies and real world assets.

Design goals for Savers

  • Competitive: Get current money market yields
  • Liquid: Buy and sell from local AMMs
  • Accessible: Hold it or use it as yield-boosting collateral on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB, Polygon, Avalanche, ZkSync
  • Simple. Earnings show up in the value of the coin without any staking

Design goals for asset managers

  • Capital: Sweep works through borrowers who put in capital as first loss insurance
  • Monitoring: Borrowers analyze each tokenized offer and monitor it in real time
  • Redundant: Sweep re-allocates in response to product and regulatory changes
  • Transparent: See asset allocations in real time


  • Adaptable. As the business cycle changes, Sweep will shift allocations between money market securities, other RWA, and DeFi
  • Embeddable. Wallets and protocols that embed Sweep get competitive assets throughout the business cycle


  • Sweep builds the crypto ecosystem by funding tokenized securities such as “tokenized treasuries”
  • Sweep adds value in the real economy by placing funds into real world assets
Stabilizers are smart contracts for collateralized lending and borrowing. DeFi protocols can use Stabilizers to place money into DeFi strategies, off-chain lending, and securities. Each Stabilizer is controlled by an expert wholesale borrower that provides capital.
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