Savings bank for DeFi

Sweep provides DEX users with one coin to save, bridge, and swap. Sweep is a dollar yield coin that is optimized for bridging and embedding into DeFi.

  • Sustainable: Allocates to CeFi money market funds, and to DeFi strategies across more than seven chains, to deliver competitive yield throughout the business cycle

  • Stabilized: Stabilized interest rate moves once per week to balance supply and demand. Borrowers provide capital to fill any gaps

  • Simple: Sweep passes through yield without staking or rebasing


Sweep can simplify your day

  • Earn interest when you are not trading

  • Swap the SWEEP coin through direct routes on many AMMs

  • Embed into long-term plans and systems. Sweep reallocates from CeFi to DeFi to provide competitive yield throughout the business cycle

  • Take SWEEP to any participating chain with LayerZero mint/burn bridging


Sweep invisibly boosts yield for liquidity providers when the dollar side of the pool is held in SWEEP. SWEEP is a non-rebasing coin that can fit into any AMM pool.

DAO Members

Join a mission to grow assets, reliability, and the on-chain economy as a protocol voter


Place money to earn spreads

Sweep places money with expert wholesale borrowers. They get approved for exclusive franchises on DeFi strategies and real world assets. They provide capital, make allocations, and earn spreads. Learn more in the docs, or apply here, or talk to us on Discord.


Stabilizers are smart contracts for collateralized lending and borrowing. DeFi protocols can use Stabilizers to place money into DeFi strategies, off-chain lending, and securities. Each Stabilizer is controlled by an expert wholesale borrower that provides capital.

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